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  Welcome to Web Printing Connection, Inc.!  

We can save your company money on printing costs on catalogs, brochures or just about any other printed piece. We are a Print Brokerage firm located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

We specialize in finding the lowest cost for your next printed piece.
Regardless how big or small, simple or complicated that piece is, we know how to find the ideal printer for you.

How do we do this?
We have developed relationships with over a hundred printers. Using thousands of quotes, we have categorized these printers by the specific type of printed piece they can do most economically, whether it is a catalog, brochure, single sheet, mailer, etc.

We will quote your next printed piece with several printers, all of who have a history of being reliable and very competitive on your specific type of printed piece.

As a Print Brokerage firm, we can offer you much more than an individual printing company.
It would be virtually impossible to get your lowest cost by quoting, say, with your favorite six printers, because their quotes will depend on the equipment and labor rates of just those six printers. On the other hand, we can offer you our experience with over 100 printers.

Once we find the best printer for your next printed piece, we can sell it to you for the same price you would pay if you purchased it directly from that printer, because we ask the printers we represent to give us pricing with no sales commission included. We simply replace their sales commission with our broker's fee.

Let us quote on your next printed piece!
Want to check us out? We would be happy to refer you to some of our clients and send you samples of pieces we have printed, or visit with you in person. Just let us know.


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